Moldovan presidential elections won by former communist Igor Dodo

Moldovan voters made their decision and chose the “Pro-Russian candidate” in Sunday’s elections. It is little of a surprise since Moldova used to be governed by the unreformed communist party for nearly a decade until 2009 and the day before Bulgarian voters also chose a Pro-Eastern politician .
It was the first direct presidential elections since 1996 and seems to be one of the recent democratic changes that take mainstream, pro-western politicians out of offices. The case of Moldova is somewhat special because after the 90s it was mostly the communist politicians who held power and the country was struck much harder by the economic transition than any of its neighbors. Additionally the pro-Western “Alliance for European integration” discredited itself completely by its alleged role in the Banking fraud that saw $1 billion stolen from 3 major banks with outgoing Moldovan president seen as playing a role in the scandal.
The new Moldovan president 41 year old Igor Dodon was the Economy Minister in the communist government in years 2006-2009. He used to be a member of the Moldovan Communist and now is the chairman of the Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova that seems to have a similar agenda as the Communist Party – vilifying the United States and looking up to Russia. Dodon sees Moldova joining the Eurasian Economic Union (which was dubbed as Soviet union 2.0) and becoming a federation to bring unification with the breakaway Transnistrian Republic that nowadays exists as a de facto unrecognized state controlled to a large extent by Russia.
To Moldovan voters, Dodon isn’t probably any appealing. A caricature of former apparatchiki and everything what people in former Eastern Europe fought against at the outset of political changes. He has one definitive advantage however – he isn’t Maia Sandu – his opponent in the presidential race who graduated from Harvard in 2010 and worked in the World Bank until 2012 and who was directly implicated in the 2014 Banking fraud sitting in the board of one of the bankrupted banks.
Moldova is officially and de facto the poorest country in Europe, and just 2 years was signed association agreement with European Union.


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