Austrian left-wing environmentalist Van der Bellen wins presidential election

Sunday in the re-run of the second stage of Austrian presidential election with the left-wing environmentalist Van der Bellen over his right-wing contender Norbert Hofer. The latter already yesterday conceded his defeat surprisingly saying
“I have always said, the winner will be a good winner and the loser will be a good loser. And I ask all the people who have voted for me to accept that in a democracy the voter is always right, always. And that in the end we all have to unite and stand together. That is of special importance”.
Both candidates had polarized political views with Hofer being anti-migrant and even to an extent anti-EU, being a member of Freedom Party of Austria(FPÖ) and Van der Bellen who was the leader of the Green Party until 2008.
It’s the first time the Federal president doesn’t de facto come from one of the two main political parties that virtually duopolized Austrian politics for the past half a century.
It eases slightly the tight situation in European politics that sees rise of more radical parties in most EU countries.


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