Poland celebrates its 98th independence day

Poland is celebrating its independence day among the usual atmosphere of clashes and hostilities among grassroot supporters of different ideological options, with politicians giving speeches on Polish history.
The independence day is traditionally set on 11th of November as celebration of the ending of WWI as well as happenings that accompanied the formal creation of the Polish state in 1918. The holiday was started as soon as 1937, wasn’t celebrated under the communist government and came back in 1989 therefore it has acquired a special meaning in collective consciousness.
In recent years it’s been accompanied by clashes and riots inspired by nationalist groups which in Poland are also very often associated with football hooligans.

This year seems to have special significance because of the victory of Law and Justice party (Pis) in the last election which announced “National restoration” and set on a reform program that is redistributory in nature and is supposed to strengthen Polish elements in economy and emphasize the role of patriotism and national pride. In the speech given during the official celebration, Poland’s “Grey eminence” Jaroslaw Kaczynski set the goal of reforms as “strengthening of currently weak freedom” and placing Poland “definitively” in Europe.
Source of the Cover: TVN 24


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