Hungary sentences refugee to 10 years in prison on charges of terrorism

On Wednesday Ahmed Hamed was sentenced to 10-year prison term on charges of terrorism. Born in Syria, he is a Cypriot national but traveled with a group of refugees through the Balkan route allegedly to help them navigate.

The sentence is actually for participation in the border riot where Ahmed Hamed was throwing stones at the Police to force the guardians to give in. He was arrested with 10 other people crossing “illegaly” from Serbia to Hungary It’s the longest sentence that have so far been given out in connection with the refugee crisis in Hungary. Hungarian government has created widespread controversy by its handling of refugees that by some is described as inhuman but among some it gained him acclaim. Also among Hungarians there are groups that see the conviction as unjust.
Sentencing refugees(Ahmed technically wasn’t one but falls in the same moral category) creates problems of conscious since it judges over the extent to which one may go to save his life, dignity or well-being.


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