“Foreigner highway toll” may be a fact. Foreigners will have to pay for using German highways

Germany has some of the most famous highways in the world and until now they were free to use for (most) foreigners. German federal government until now taxed only its own rezidents but the lawmakers finally have the long-rattled-about draft law for motorway tax targeting foreign drivers. This immediately angered the neighbors, with Austrian and Dutch government immediately expressing their concerns and saying that they will want to challenge the law in relevant European institutions. European Commission has already disapproved of the law once and the current draft is the effect of further four-months of negotiation.
The “foreigner highway toll” whose name makes you think of going back to medieval, is actually only one of anti-foreign measure introduced recently like e.g. federal minimum wage(which de facto affects mostly Eastern European wage laborers) and curbing access to welfare for migrants. The minimum wage law was also aimed at foreign commercial drivers from Poland, Slovakia etc. who really often received remuneration below the German standards and who virtually drove out the competition from Western Europe.
Even before the migrant crisis racism and xenophobia in Germany seemed to have been institutionalized. Angela Merkel said that a law like this cannot “couldn’t happen on her watch” so it’s little possible that the law could come into effect before the 2017 parliamentary ellection.


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