French Prime Minister quits, Italians reject their Prime Minister in the referendum

On Sunday 12.4.2016 Italian voters rejected constitutional reform that was supposed to curb the power and change the structure of the senate. The referendum was also a barometer of approval of the Mateo Renzi, Italian Prime Minister who after learning the results announced his resignation as PM. The turnout was unexpectedly high (68.5%) and nearly 60% of voters rejected changes.
Matteo Renzi wasn’t seen as an agent of Brussels but rather as a reformer that is trying to change/modernize Italy which is falling further behind in globalizing world and the rejection of his reforms by the voters is further bringing uncertainty to indebted economy.
Additionally today on Monday(12.5.2016) French Prime Minister Mannuel Vals announced his resignation to become the candidate of socialists in the French presidential election next year.


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