Victor Orban, Trump’s presidential victory and “illiberal” turn

‚ÄúThis also gives the rest of the Western world the chance to free itself from the captivity of ideologies, of political correctness, and of modes of thought and expression which are remote from reality: the chance to come back down to earth and see the world as it really is.” said Victor Orban during the conference organized by EBRD on Wednesday 9th of November commenting on Trump’s victory.
It’s very telling because Trump seems to be the beneficiary of the same trend that a couple years back put Victor Orban at the head of Hungarian Government. Even if it’s unlikely that the US could be labeled “illiberal” even if it really “built a wall and made Mexico pay for it” it really changes the stage for changes in ideology and the tide of (pseudo)”liberalism” seems to be going away. It’s not necessarily bad and the main reason for that appears to be the fact that People are piss**. There was too much injustice and forced rationalization of life sown together with double moral standards in the last decades so that the establishment has growing problem with its legitimization.
The “illiberalism” seems to dispel certain illusions that were written in treaties and politicians echoed in front of mass audiences. Things that had to be said but didn’t really mean much.
Orban also made some favorable comments about Brexit wanting to point out that there are “other ways” and not just what “everybody think is the only way”. These comments accompanied some Realpolitik that saw talks between Orban and Theresa May about the rights of Hungarian who are gonna stay in the UK after Brexit.


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