“16 CEE + China” summit in Riga on 5th November 2016

There was another summit for the “16 CEE + China” initiative that took place on Saturday 5th of November. Of course there were new pledges of cooperation and increased trade etc. etc. ICBC (which is one of Chinese banks) announced an investment fund of 10 billion euro that suppose to be spent on infrastructure projects in the region. So far the cooperation, managed to multiply the amount of Chinese exports and create some bilateral programs that push exchange students and academic staff across the borders to fill the quotas in artificially made placements. The “16 CEE + China” is playing an important propaganda role in the image of “New China” which is a country that has achieved moderate economic prosperity and is on a par with the developed Western countries in terms of foreign policy. China also aims at economic colonization of countries that have become “no man’s land” like Serbia or Albania at the moment or experience temporary economic difficulties like Greece(which is not in 16 CEE but probably should be) and of course at establishing itself on emerging EU markets.


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