Parliamentary elections in Macedonia may not solve anything, possibly inconclusive

Regardless of who is going to win the parliamentary elections(in which both main contestants are already celebrating victory) the probable scenario is that things are not really going to change to much. The elections will give the decisive power to one of the main two parties of the Macedonian politics. The leader of the currently ruling party Nikola Gruevski is at the same time country’s former Prime minister who was ousted from the office in January this year after the taping scandal of 2015 that saw massive protests and a de facto intervention of the European Union.
The problems in Macedonia:
1. The system is structurally corrupt more so than in Central European states, public sector jobs are an instrument of political influence.
2. Greece has blocked the possible accession of Macedonia to European Union because of its name and European integration
3.Russia and especially China additionally diminish western influence by offering finances and balancing out the EU influence.
4.Benefits of the transformation are mostly reaped by the elite.
Moreover there seems to be little difference between the political parties and it’s more about the people in the office than about their political lines what appears in many Eastern European countries.

Edit 10:15 AM. 12.12.2016
The elections results are likely to be inconclusivequestion-1332062_960_720 (1)


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