Bulgarian presidential elections won by pro-Moscow candidate

The winner seems to have emerged in Bulgaria’s presidential elections that may change the political landscape of the country. Rumen Radev is a retired general with strongly pro-Russian views. He is a member of Bulgarian Socialist Party which is the heir of Bulgarian Communist Party that controlled Bulgaria before the fall of the iron curtain. The new president elect is seen as backed by Kremlin.
Bulgaria is the poorest country in the EU and apart from its economic problems after the fall of communism, Bulgarian political stage has been very volatile. It has seen many coalition governments and even its former monarch returning to politics. Even though “communist come-backs” happened all over the former Eastern Europe, for the past decade the influence of former communist parties has been diminishing in more established CEE countries. During the Soviet reign, Bulgaria was seen as very close to being a Soviet republic and it has never thoroughly renounced its Russia-bound past.

Even though the role of Bulgarian president is mostly representative, Rumen Radev a formed air-force chief will now serve as the commander in chief of armed forces. The new president will be sworn into the office in January and it is likely to trigger early parliamentary elections


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